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McGhorse Backpack
- Sep 12, 2017 -

"Meg Hoth" (Magforce) is a Taiwanese military manufacturer, over the past 30 years, its products have developed to mainland China, Hong Kong and the United States, Japan, France, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Germany, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Holland, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, UAE, Dubai, Singapore, New Zealand, 22 of countries and regions. Its products are not only for the private people's enthusiasm, even the United States, France, Germany, Morocco and other countries of the military procurement will be designated as a supplier. Full range of products at the same time by the leisure, outdoor, military market used.

When it comes to military goods, people tend to think of military stores (military labor, supplies, clothing, shoes and hats) on the streets. Indeed, the army of goods is a durable pronoun, but the traditional military products in the process also appear too rough, especially in the thread processing and friction point reinforcement, and so poorly done, its biggest drawback is the lack of fashion sense, unless it is enthusiasts, few people will be uniform or military bag directly wear on the body. "Meg Hoth" changed the situation, the company invested a lot of human and material resources, research and design a variety of ergonomic personalized design, such as the earlier launch of the "Y" belt, the strap part of the use of a large number of PE, EVA, Eve and other materials, and in line with the characteristics of the human body and foot the Kungfu, At the top of the strap, a force regulating device is arranged, which can adjust the load point, so that the solid and novel utility is fully combined.