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Mark Zuckerberg's Dreaded Homework Assignments
- Apr 12, 2018 -

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If you watched every moment of Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony in front of Congress this week, you’ll know he rolled out one 

phrase an awful lot: “I’ll have my team get back to you.”

Now some of these were bits of data Mr Zuckerberg simply didn’t have to hand - such as why a specific advertisement for a 

political candidate in Michigan didn’t get approved.Other follow ups, though, will require some hard graft from his team. What 

they produce could provide even more negative headlines for the company, as it is forced to divulge more of its inner workings 

than it has ever felt comfortable with.

Looking through the transcripts, I’ve counted more than 20 instances where Mr Zuckerberg promised to get back to representatives with more information. But these are the assignments I think could cause the company the most headaches - and provide some revealing answers.


"You’ve said everyone controls their data, but you’re collecting data on people who are not even Facebook users who have 

never signed a consent, a privacy agreement.”Dubbed “shadow” profiles, details of exactly what Facebook gathers on people 

who haven’t even signed up to the service has been always been a bit of mystery.Even, apparently, to Mr Zuckerberg himself. 

He testified that he didn’t know the term, but acknowledged the firm did monitor non-users for “security” purposes.

Mr Zuckerberg promised to share more details on what data is gathered on people who don’t sign up for Facebook, as well as a 

full breakdown of how many data points it has on those who do.In a related request, Mr Zuckerberg will provide details on how 

users are tracked (on all their devices) when they are logged out of Facebook."I think you should make that commitment.”

Creating new regulation will be an arduous, flawed process. But one thing Facebook could do right now? Move to an opt-in 

model, one which requires users to decide to make something public, as is the default (and most popular) option for posting 

content now.In a similar vein, Mr Zuckerberg was asked to get back to Congressman Frank Pallone on how the company might consider collecting less information on its users.