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Marine Corps, 2005 To 2007
- Dec 07, 2017 -

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D1: First Class, 8th Battalion Logistics Camp, Iraq, April 2005

This is a female soldier belonging to the 3rd Battalion, Battalion 8, in a surprise attack on Karma, Iraq. Although the official 

identity was non-combatants, at this stage of the occupation of Iraq, women marines from the auxiliary units started their full 

integration into the ranks of infantry officers carrying out their duties, including searches of female civilians. The United States 

has also established a policy to prevent female serving officers from offencing local people in carrying out searches, as Islam 

prohibits male-to-female contact with women other than relatives. Although ostensibly these non-combatants play the role of 

non-combatants, they are actually engaged frequently with men in combat. Pictured in MARPAT's Desert Camouflage, the figure 

features a standard infantry version of the MOLLE over the OTV, and her weapon is an M16A2 rifle.


D2: Arms Strikeman, USA, 2006

In a native shooting range training in the United States, the Marines are operating the Mk153 SMAW rocket launcher. 

Developed in the 1980s, this system was equipped with different types of rockets for different purposes. The raider is wearing a 

new lightweight helmet and OTV.


D3: Lieutenant, Iraq, August 2007

For political reasons, the Marine Corps in Iraq is trying to release goodwill and gather information about the riots among 

civilians; the officer patrolling the outskirts of Fallujah is talking to an Iraqi child. He wore fireproof Nomex material in combat 

clothing and gloves in response to a 2006 order to reduce burns caused by improvised explosive devices. Many of the 

packages on his gear are non-standard; it is no different to the individual and the entire unit of the Marine Corps, who purchase 

commercially available products as a supplement to their standard equipment, often with formal Equipment manufacturers for 

the same home. For this approach, the Marines regulations provide some freedom, especially those that are based on wartime 

losses. One of the officers' bags contained an AN / PRC-148 handset (Figure D3a). His Model M4 carbine, now standard 

equipment for junior officers, has a Rifle Scope Rifle and an AN / PEQ-2A target indicator mounted on the left of the barrel.


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