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Load Carrying Equipment Part 3
- Jan 15, 2018 -

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Divided single-person carriers based on the Y-band and the H-belt evolve gradually, and the band gradually widens to reduce 

the pressure so that some designers directly design a tactical vest that better matches the human body. These tactical vests 

are often dedicated, vest front sewn placed magazines, grenades bag. After the vest is worn, it can not move easily on the body 

surface and can better fix the carried equipment. For example, the M79 grenade vest used by the U.S. grenade can hold 24 40-

mm grenades and this very heavy-duty tactical vest appeared in "Black Hawk Crashes." In 1986, on the border warfare between 

China and Vietnam, our military commandos also used a tactical vest. Four 81-type magazines can be placed on the chest and 

more than 10 grenades can be placed on the waist and body side. This type of large payload tactical vest designed for the 

Special Forces played an important role in the battle.


The United States military introduced a modular tactical vest in 1998 and was highly regarded as soon as it came out. This is 

the famous modular lightweight carrier system known as MOLLE. MOLLE system is the core of the tactical carrier vest, vest on a 

transverse distribution of a carrier strip, 11 kinds of standard packages and other size of the package can be based on 

demand, the use of fixed buckle fixed on the carrier strip, composed of different Configuration. MOLLE's biggest feature is the 

modular combination of different modules through the unique horizontal bar and buckle installation, soldiers can freely configure 

the configuration according to their needs. MOLLE launch, the countries in the world military also according to their own 

conditions, designed their own modular individual soldier tactical vest. For example, the People's Liberation Army's 06-type 

portable carrying system and Russia's 6SH112 tactical assault vest, are using a horizontal bearing bar for modular freedom to 

achieve different functions. This MOLLE-style modular single soldier's tactical vest has now appeared in all the armed forces 

and has become a mainstream. Perhaps in the near future, separate manned units will be eliminated, modular tactical vest will 

dominate the world.