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Load Carrying Equipment Part 2
- Jan 12, 2018 -

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Due to the existence of a single piece of hanging carrying there are many drawbacks, into the 20th century, the European 

countries gradually began to rely on Y-band or H to bring a variety of equipment to carry. For example, the German army has a 

number of Y belt and outer belt combination of the split carrying equipment, hanging in the outer belt through a special 

connecting clips hanging ammunition cassette, grenades, water bottles, file bags and other equipment, the back can be 

connected with the assault backpack, carrying Other supplies. Such a combination of carrying the carrying belt carrying 

equipment, can be said to be a separate man-portable equipment with the prototype.


What is "split"? Split, indicating that each kind of equipment can be separate, independent, whether it is a small ammunition bag 

or a large rucksack, can be disassembled, but these separate equipment can be a string together, together, you can put

several Kind of equipment to carry well. Of course, not all of the equipment can be connected, after all, there are still some 

small pieces to carry alone. Prior to the outbreak of World War I, the British Army developed the P1908 single-unit harness and 

developed the P1937 single-unit harness equipped with the British Commonwealth member states. As for the development of a 

dedicated manned port line, the U.S. military is also at the forefront of all countries in the world. In the days when leather goods 

were still used in most countries, the US military had already adopted khaki in the M1910. At the heart of the M1910 is a two-

sided Y-band (which looks like an X-band in the back, so called X-band) with a khaki belt at the bottom and rifle magazines, first 

aid kits and kettles Set, dry food package, the back of the assault rucksack. Put on after wearing like a good back, very 

convenient. After the launch of the M1910, the U.S. military continued to improve on the basis of the Y-band, outer belt and 

backpack to add new components and enrich its functions.


The series of portables improved by the U.S. military on the basis of the M1910 portable carrier have been used after World 

War II and have affected the carrying power of many allied forces. During the War of Resistance Against Japan, some Chinese 

armed forces that received aid from the United States also used the M1910 improved carrying equipment, but the vast majority 

of Chinese troops still used the method of carrying a single player.


At present, split-type portable equipment has become the mainstream of the armed forces of all countries in the world. 

Compared with the early simple Y-banding, the current split-type portable devices mostly adopt the design of carrying the belt 

widening to reduce the shoulder load. Belts, buckles, magazine and grenade magazine mostly adopt quick opening design, 

Installed with expansion interface, according to the needs of the installation of new equipment, to achieve a modular design. For 

example, British P1958-type equipment and PLCE equipment. In the 1990s, our military developed and equipped 91 man-

portable equipment, and the 01 manned portability, which has been improved on the basis of 91-type at present, has been 

widely used throughout the army.