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Load Carrying Equipment Part 1
- Jan 11, 2018 -

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The first way a soldier carries the harness in the battlefield is a single piece. Hang out one piece, is a single, more fully. For an 

infantryman, since to carry a rifle, it would have to carry the supporting clip, you need to clip bag; need to throw grenades, 

carrying hand grenade bags need to use; it must carry a telescope, telescope box; need to drink, then you need to kettle; it 

needs to carry camping accommodation, bedding tent...... Everything is alone, and needs one piece on the body. "Where can 

hang up where", this is the most typical traditional single piece hanging type portable.


Generally speaking, the items carried by a single soldier can be divided into two categories: combat equipment and life support 

equipment. Popular point, the body is hanging on the back of the guns and ammunition and bedding bedding. For example, 

during World War II and the Soviet Red Army soldiers riflemen, carrying rifles, the body is obliquely across the bullet belt, kettle 

and large bag or food storage bag, officers is the belt, and the Pistol Magazine and map file. If you want to consider the problem 

of camping, then everyone has to carry a backpack bedding on his back.


The modern army since the mid nineteenth Century, widely used to hang articles for articles, and the national military standard 

special telescope box, a holster, map bag leather, has become a collection of objects in the fans. The advantage of single piece 

hanging is simple, but as more and more equipment is carried on the soldier's body, its disadvantages are becoming more and 

more obvious. The first single, hang, each carrying the same equipment will be wrapped in a ribbon, to own articles go 

completely, if a lot of equipment, a tape wound on the body, and wear off are extremely inconvenient. There is a movie "in the 

details" Shangganling correspondent Yang Decai, during the process of blasting before departure, a pick off articles, although 

the movement quickly very quickly, but it lasted more than ten seconds, quite complicated. Second, single branch ergonomic 

hanging is very poor, from the shoulder Xiegua to the waist side, namely the use of the belt strap will tighten, gravity is articles 

around the hips, in the movement of each piece of equipment or a collision or collision with the body before and after the move, 

not easy to move and concealment, repeated cross strap the belt shoulder chest oppression, to accelerate their fatigue