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Interceptor Body Armor
- Feb 27, 2018 -

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Interceptor body armor, bullet-proof vests made by PZG, the US Army Biological and Chemical Control Center and the 

Pennsylvania-based Specialty Protective Systems Manufacturing Company in the early 1990s.

From January 2001 onwards, the UN interceptor's body armor was equipped with five types of body armor interceptor 

equipment, suitable for combatants of different sizes.



Today, all the armed forces are discussing a new issue - urban combat. In the face of the new challenges of the new century, 

the personal protection sector has drawn increasing attention from all military powers, among which the top ranks are the U.S. 

forces that are striving for "zero casualties."



In the United States, bullet-proof vests are classified into , A, , A and levels according to the types of bullets they 

can defend and their different uses. Among them, level is the lowest protection level and can only protect 0.22RL inches 

Pistol shells and 0.38 inch pistol shells attack, but they can be worn in the suit, with a small quality, good concealment, without 

prejudice to the wearer's flexible action characteristics; level for the highest level of individual armor-bullet-proof vests, is 

designed for high Risk combat environment and design.

The "Interceptor" body armor that began to equip the U.S. military in January 2001 was first developed by the U.S. Army 

Biological and Chemical Control Center and the Pennsylvania-based Special Protective Systems Manufacturing Company in the 

early 1990s. The "Interceptor" was designed according to tactical and technical indicators proposed by the U.S. Army. While 

fully considering the threat of various types of SALW that officers and men may face in the battlefield in the future, the 

Interceptor also started from mitigating the quality of body armor and improving the battlefield flexibility of soldiers.




The whole body armor is divided into removable and washable tactical vest jacket (jungle camouflage), KM-2 Kevlar fiber 

material and the bullet-proof bullet-proof inner and two pieces of bullet-proof flapper three parts. Tactical vest jacket well-made, 

in the chest and back were set up a loading of boron carbide bullet-proof ceramic inserts of the "big pocket", chest pocket there 

is a fixed boron carbide ceramic inserts fixed belt. 2 pieces of boron carbide ceramic flapper can be inserted in the body armor 

before wearing, you can also wear after wearing the comrades help insert. Around the tactical vest set up 84 additional tactical 

package hanging point, convenient according to different battlefield environment plus a variety of corresponding tactical 

package. In both tactical vest, body armor between the front panel (guard rib) and the rear plate (back plate), two features can 

quickly adjust the length of nylon webbing, used to adjust the tension on both sides of the "Interceptor" Making the soldiers 

wearing the "interceptor" on the battlefield try to feel comfortable; behind the tactical vest, fitted with boron carbide ceramic 

flapper "big pocket" at the top has a very strong lift, which is a very good ergonomics Design, once the soldiers on the 

battlefield because of injuries and blocked operations, comrades-in arms can take this to bring the casualty from the danger. 

When no neck guard and a guard crotch quality "Interceptor" body armor is only 7.4kg, wherein the outer tactical vest lining 

Kevlar KM- 2 and a total weight of 3.8kg, boron carbide ceramic interposer each bulletproof Quality 1.8kg, lighter than the 

original bullet-proof vest by nearly 35%, while enhancing the level of protection and reduce the load of individual soldiers.

"Interceptor" range of protection In addition to the traditional body armor protection neck, chest and back, but also with a KM-2 

Kevlar fiber protection of the crotch to protect the soldiers lower abdomen and crotch, which makes it so The modern body 

armor is a bit like a medieval knight's armor. The "interceptors" are often seen in television clips that document recent U.S. 

military operations, but seldom seen soldiers wearing crotch while wearing "interceptor" body armor. In the absence of boron 

carbide ceramic inserts, tactical vest and KM-2 Kevlar only when combined, "interceptor" body armor can achieve A level of 

protection, in addition to protective pistol shells, but also can be protected by submachine guns 9mm caliber bullets or grenade 

fragments, which is important as it proves that subtle and aggressive submachine guns and grenades are the greatest threats 

to combatants in urban operations and international peacekeeping operations that have taken place in recent years.


When interceptor "Tactical Vest", KM-2 Kevlar and boron carbide ceramic flapper combination, the level of protection rose to

providing the battlefield soldiers the highest level of the world's field protection. However, with the addition of 1.8 kg of boron 

carbide ceramic inserts on each of the front and rear sides, Interceptor increased the weight by 3.6 kg and greatly reduced the 

flexibility of the soldier on the battlefield.

The "Interceptor" bullet-proof vest is superior because its mass of only 7.4kg rose to a new level of protection, the unique 

concept of the tactical vest jacket, so soldiers wearing the battlefield in the flexibility, the other with the optional boron carbide 

Ceramic flapper, not only improves the protection level of body armor, but also make the tactical equipment more of a choice


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