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How To Use Molle System Tactical Vest Properly
- Jan 07, 2019 -

MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying


Equipment: Modular lightweight load equipment) is a free-standing carry. Its items on the surface to install PALS (PouchAttachmentLadderSystem


Ladder sub-bag attachment system) Nylon webbing, can be combined with other PALS equipment into a personalized tool to make the tactical system components and the overall coordination between individuals, then how to use MOLLE system correctly, it is not hanging or hanging Look good on the line, which is still some stress


Now commonly used non-snap molle ligament, and the correct molle to wear should be staggered.


First of all, if you have a gun in your right hand, then all the ammo packs should be placed around the front and left sides of your vest so that you can easily get the magazine you need, and spare ammo packs You can place it wherever you are, and the left hand holds a gun, on the contrary, and at the same time the magazine is thinner and therefore does not affect the comfort of your left hand when you are not using a firearm


Medical bag should also be placed on the left, because after the injury, you still need to continue with the gun alert, and the special design of the medical bag, when you want to use, just open the buckle, pull the red cord, you can put the entire medical package Pull down, more convenient to use with his teammates


Radio package, on the secondary, within reach, so as to ensure that anytime operating the walkie-talkie


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