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How To Support Future Ties
- Mar 05, 2018 -

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Now, nearly all of the 3,000 residents of Parkway Gardens know Officer Maddox, and many call her if they need help or advice – 

or to report something they think the police should know.

Maddox says the trust she’s developed through Future Ties makes things easier when police respond to a call at Parkway 

Gardens, and she now she’s helping other officers build those important relationships in the community to spread the goodwill. 

handful of her CPD colleagues volunteer with Future Ties, and she’s introducing residents to new officers through the 

Bridging the Divide program.

“I’m not going to be around all the time, and I want them to understand that there are plenty of officers out here that they can 

trust,” she said. “We only hear about the ones who are not doing what they’re supposed to do. … I want them to start building 

and establishing relationships with other officers, and I know I’ve got to be that bridge to bring them in.”

Maddox, now working in the Chicago PD Office of Community Affairs, has retirement in her sights a few years down the road. 

Once she pulls that pin, she says she wants to dedicate herself to Future Ties full-time.

“There’s such a need,” she said, adding that the property management company for Parkway Gardens wants to expand Future 

Ties to its other properties in the city.

Even with fundraising and some support from the management company, Maddox still works a second job to support Future 

Ties. “Sleep is a mystery,” she says, but she remains dedicated to the service-driven mission she started a decade ago.