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Home Front: Storm’s A Comin
- Dec 15, 2017 -

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Recent meteorological events and the subsequent humanitarian concerns that attend destructive flooding may (read, should

have you thinking. As of this writing, Hurricane Irma is headed for Puerto Rico — it looks to be the worst storm they suffered in a 

century. Just a week or so ago, Florida and the Caribbean took a pounding (*snicker*, pounding) from Hurricane IrmaGERD! and 

not so long before that Hurricane Harvey played merry hell across my old stomping grounds in Houston and nearby lowlands.

The idea that you should Always Be Ready is not one centered solely on matters tactical (although those are important) nor 

on concerns medical (though those are also important, and occur with greater frequency in the everyman’s world). Much of it 

common sense, an “everyday ready” mindset to go with all that EDC, and just a little planning.

Plus the ability to make a quick decision under pressure — well piloted, Captain DL302! 


I’ve had the good fortune to have never been forced to evacuate an area, though my family’s rapid departure from Dubai in 

December, 1990 just before one of the grandest fireworks shows in human history occurred, was close; the need to be ready to 

go was also significant during my stay in the forested Dandenong range in 20o9, on the occasion of the “Black Saturday Fires.” 

Those fires, and the attendant firestorm killed nearly 200 people, injured over 400, destroyed 3,500 structures, and burned well 

over 1 million acres.

These incidents, and frequent moves and travel growing up, have equipped me with a certain mindset. Pack light, take only 

what you can carry, and carefully choose what valuables you really need.

I’d hope that if I lived in a disaster-prone area, I’d be ready whenever hurricane, cyclone, tornado or volcano season rolled 

around, and that not only would I have a bugout destination but also a route and plan. Unfortunately, nature gives not one drop 

in a bucket of warm piss for me or my plans, nor (I suspect) for yours.

It’s up to us to rescue ourselves.