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Extending The Ignitor From 16 Hours
- Jan 09, 2018 -

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The Ignitor allows you to use the 5.11 RUSH Tier system to attach any MOLLE backpack to the outside, however the hangtag unfortunately does not explain this and I had to resort to YouTube for clarification. Even though I personally do not use that option a lot, for many users that own a MOAB bag or similar, smaller daypacks, it is a nice feature.


The same goes for the hydration pouch, which I don’t normally use. I have used hydration bags for more than 20 years and had many issues with them, so finally went back to Nalgene bottles for my survival water reserves. In some conditions I can profit from the convenience of the tube supply but with these tough bottles, I am sure that my water will be there when I need it. And talking about the water bottles:

I had to tighten the Ignitor waist-band pockets hard against the pack body to make the side pockets stable with the heavy load of the 1,0lt bottles and H2O carrier pouch. After this adjustment, I have found that they are in a perfect position, out of the way, accessible with one hand and safe. Now I can raise the pack without the band twisting on itself under the load, a condition that has made fastening the clasp a tricky maneuver.

The Ignitor had no provision for attaching a karabiner equipped safety line in a hard point (to secure pack in non-stable conditions), attachment points for ice axes or semi-rigid daisy chain in waist for karabiners or hanging heavy equipment. However, I equipped it in no time using the MOLLE web and some imagination.



I am still working with the different external pouch positions to make it easier to configure for different applications, be it snow, alpine climbing or one-week survival courses, but I am getting there. One thing I want to upgrade is my Medical Kit design, which is still not finalised. I plan to try the 5.11 UCR IFAK pouch, as my contents do not fit the smaller, typical MedKit pouches.

There are only two small suggestions for improvement: one is the addition of a waterproof cover and a proper place to stow such a cover. The lack of the cover reduces the packs flexibility as it limits bad weather use, especially heavy rain.

Secondly, I have found that the bottom straps are too short to attach my Thermarest mattress to.


The Ignitor is a superb pack for military DA operations, limited survival in the field and as a general 3-5 day pack. It is very well made and rugged. The features are convenient and most users will not find problems adapting their pouches to it. Flexible enough due to its MOLLE, that if you have the skills it can become a two-week pack too.


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