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Evolution Of Military Backpack In China
- Sep 12, 2017 -

Backpack to formal

Prior to the founding of the Red Army, whether it was the bag, bullets and grenade bags, the anti-Japanese war period of "rifles" plus a small enamel bowl and a pair of chopsticks, or "five One" (a canvas belt, a white towel, a kettle, a satchel and a quilt) in the period of the liberation war, the backpacks of our army all appear crude and monotonous, And the carrying way has been tied to the rope on the body of the "pieces of single hanging" backward way.

However, with the formalization of the equipment, our army has launched a 01-type Man-portable series of equipment, and has been fully installed troops. It includes: Living with the tools, ammunition with the line, sleeping with (including raincoats, sleeping pads, sleeping bags) and so on.

Compared with the foreign army's individual backpack, our 01-style backpack is a big problem is too little, if the reasonable to add a few plug points, you can achieve the individual tents and moisture-proof pads at the same time, as well as in wartime carry a soldier

Combat equipment such as rocket launchers.

On the whole, compared with the advanced equipment of foreign armies, the modular degree of our backpack still has a certain gap. But as a witness to the development of our army, we will certainly catch up, and the better function of the backpack will be present in the near future.

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