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COVRT Insert Bag II
- Dec 15, 2017 -

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We took some time to get feedback from one operator in the Middle East who has been using the COVRT system for his undercover work and here’s what he had to say about his experience. “I immediately set to building this with items from my Select Carry Sling Pack using various pouches and a couple of DIY solutions to hold my tourniquets. Then came time to see how it fit in all of my low-pro bags. Still to this day I swear I could hear the trumpets of angels playing with every bag I tried it in. Whether briefcase or backpack design, it worked in all of them!” he says.

“Since then, I have built out my COVRT™ Small Insert in lots of different ways and have used it all around the world. For a typical coffee house carry scenario, the usual loadout will be a couple of extra Glock 19 mags, my flashlight, knife (mostly for the window breaker and seatbelt cutter), Trauma Shears, Decompression Needle, SOF-T Wide Tourniquet, Compression Bandage, QuikClot™ Advance Clotting Sponge, SWAT-T Tourniquet (as additional tourniquet for use in conjunction with Clotting Sponge for abdominal compression), and a pair of Flexible Restraints. I keep the front slick and only attach a “police” placard to the strip of Velcro on the top webbing row (ID during active shooter and to help prevent blue on blue). Currently, I’m in the process of modifying a piece of Level IIIA Soft Armor to fit inside the panel in place of the rigid insert for a little ballistic protection as well.

“When it comes to international travel in the Middle East, obviously I have to drop the Glock mags (sigh) but still keep everything else and I throw my Leatherman in one of the pistol mag pouches. On the other side I lose the police placard and may or may not throw a U.S. IR FLAG in place. I’ll also add pouches that serve dual use. I use flashbang pouches to hold my SPOT GPS Personal Locator and Brunton Backup Charger for my phone. I use our 6.6 Padded Pouch for all my essential electronic wires and power converters, along with our VTAC Shotgun Ammo Pouch for my Olloclip photo lenses for iPhone. The self-closure top is great to hold in the lenses, but at the same time I can access it very quickly if there is something I want to get a shot of on the fly. I guess maybe that’s why it’s a good shotgun ammo pouch? Hmm.

Covert Insert in Bag

“When it comes to the larger version, COVRT™ Large Insert (19x 12-inch), I have only recently started playing around with it to redo my 72-hour bag. I’m not at all concerned here with being “covert” by any means, I just like the idea of keeping things easily organized, secure, and accessible. This will be built on a sandstone color panel with same color pouches and pack. Yes, I’m one of those guys who feels the need to match my tactical color schemes. I use hair gel too.

“I texted a photo of my build-out to a buddy with the Department of Energy Special Reaction Force. He shared it with a SEAL he was on the road with at the time, and both approved. I know this for sure because the first thing he texted back was ‘(f*ck) yeah!’”


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