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Comparison Of Military Backpack Between China And Foreign Countries
- Sep 12, 2017 -

First look at the American backpack. Because the United States has been a foreign war, and in particular, the Middle East oil resources, so it is produced in the United States Marine Corps of backpacks with wear-resistant, chemical-resistant weapons for the purpose. Of course, waterproof performance is hard to say.

Germany is different. In fact, Germany's backpack in the international outdoor market is still very weighty. While the United States has been catching up in this area for the past two years, at least some European countries, such as Deuter, Vaude, and big pack, plus France, Switzerland and the United States can rival. Germany's backpack hit the Germanic people excellent quality, strong, practical, excellent performance. Of course, some high-end products are expensive because of the titanium used in the system. However, in the military package would rather sacrifice cost, also do not let people suffer this I very much appreciate. As can be seen from the picture, the German backpack carries a system of ergonomic design.

France's romance is not reflected in the military package, in contrast to France's military backpack and Germany's military backpack similar. It is said that the big pack is a German-French joint venture. And how do I feel about the two countries ' military packs are a bit like the design style of Deuter, Vuade and big packs.

The British backpack is clearly not as comfortable as the German-French design. It is possible to see from the picture that there is almost no support on the hips to share the pressure on the system. The weight seems to fall all over the shoulder. I thought only China would do this kind of money-saving thing.

After the foreign military backpack, now analyze our country's 95-style military backpack. As you can see from the picture, the bag is almost like a sack with a side pocket. It is close to the back of more than two foam pad, so that the package is not all affixed to the body. However, because there is no support to share the weight of the buttocks, so that the package not only rely on the shoulders to bear weight, and make the package center of gravity, easy to sway. When I was armed with cross-country, I ate enough of my equipment to shake back and forth. Because the part of the backpack with the body rocking back and forth is like sandpaper in the same way! If you don't drop the skin, you must have practiced the Admiralty cover iron cloth shirt. Figure in the bottom of the backpack on either side of a plug-in. In fact, I have this here is two pockets: a water bottle, another put something else, but they are the kind of velcro to fix your items, very easy to fall out (as in the picture). One of the top two side pockets is a raincoat (which is old-fashioned black, heavy and heavy), and another one to put something else.

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