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China 01 Type Individual Cold Zone Backpack
- Sep 12, 2017 -

The 01-Type individual cold area backpack is an important part of the 01 Infantry general carrying line, which is mainly used for personal belongings such as infantry back-loaded cotton coats, spare garments, boots, quilts, mosquito nets, raincoats and field sleeping tools. 01 Type individual cold area backpack size for 66cmx38cm X 24cm, the backpack with four-color jungle camouflage polyester filament canvas for the material made, and has a certain waterproof function of rain.

Backpack Capacity Expandable

01 Type individual Cold area backpack overall is "bucket" shape, each side of the package body has a size of 28cmx16cm X 6cm of the side sac, these two side capsule one is used for equipment boots, the other is used to install the usual small pieces of life items. In addition, the top of the backpack with two lengthened bands, when the soldiers carry more personal belongings, both can be lengthened to bring the capacity to adjust the backpack.


The 01-type Cold zone backpack is used to carry two protruding back pads on one side, and its role is to maintain a certain distance between the backpack and the human body, so as to facilitate the soldier's back to ventilate in the vigorous movement. There is also a piece of white cloth used for marking in the two back cushions of the 01-type cold zone backpack to make it easier for soldiers to sign to avoid picking up the wrong bag in use.


01 Type Cold area Backpack uses the joint of the cloth to use the military green nylon line seal edge, the entire backpack texture is very strong. The 01-type Cold zone backpack uses an inner keel-type aluminum alloy skeleton, which is scientifically designed, lightweight and rugged, and allows soldiers in marching to load heavier loads more comfortably.