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Camouflage Patterns Of Sudanese Government
- May 30, 2018 -

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  • Long tied to Egypt, Sudan has for many years worn Egyptian military uniforms, including some in camouflage patterns. Both the early "rocks" and the "sand" pattern have been worn sporadically since the 1980s, although by now have largely been replaced.

Sudan1.jpg Egypt16.jpg

  • Also in use since at least the 1980s, Asian-made copies of the French lizard pattern have seen sporadic use with the Sudanese Army.


  • The Sudanese Army has recently been documented wearing a four-color leaf type camouflage, incorporating black, brown and grass green shapes on a pale green background.


  • woodland-style camouflage pattern has been in use with some Sudanese forces since around 2005. Similar to the US design, the color scheme is much brighter and vibrant. Seen more recently has been a much closer copy of the original woodland pattern.

Sudan5.jpg China34.jpg

  • Asian-made variations of the US designed six-color "chocolate chip" and tricolor desert patterns have also been worn by Sudanese government forces.

China25.jpg China35.jpg

  • The old Jordanian Special Forces "amoeba" pattern has also been worn by some Sudanese government forces recently.


  • The Sudanese Police forces has worn several types of "urban" camouflage for many years. These all appear to be derivatives of a woodland design, with a primarily blue or purple colorway.

Sudanblue1.jpg Sudanblue2.jpg Sudanblue3.jpg

  • In 2009, the Sudanese Police Force was first documented wearing a unique two-color desert pattern consisting of large khaki disruptive shapes on a sandy background. The design also incorporates an overprinted logo into the scheme. This pattern continues to be worn into the present period.

Sudan4.jpg Sudan4b.jpg

  • Several digital camouflage patterns have been in use with Sudanese forces, the earliest of which was first observed in 2012. The Ministry of Defense commissioned several designs, including those targeting desert, semi-arid, and temperate geography. The three designs seen below, two of which seem to be loosely based on the MARPAT design of the US Marine Corps, and another with a primarily brown colorway, are in service with the 9th Airborne Division.

Sudan8.jpg Sudantempdigi.jpg Sudanbrowndigi.jpg

  • Formed in 2013, the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) or قوات الدعم السريع‎ are a paramilitary force administered by the National Intelligence and Security Service and trained to provide added military manpower during military operations. In 2014, the RSF was first observed wearing a pixelated camouflage pattern consisting of black, brown and forest green shapes on a pale green background, which appears to be a copy of the Iranian design worn by the IRGC Basij forces.


  • Sudanese troops serving as part of the Saudi-led coalition fighting Shiite Houthi rebels in Yemen have been observed wearing a distinctive arid pixelated camouflage design. It is unknown which units of the Sudanese Armed Forces specifically wear this design, or if it is a general purpose uniform.


  • This dense, speckled pattern, reminiscent of the old Egyptian "rocks pattern (also worn by Sudan) is now in service with Sudanese Special Forces.


  • An interesting variation of the three color desert pattern appeared in use with Sudanese forces in 2017. The pattern has smaller dark elements contrasting the background shade and additionally incorporates the image of a traditional curved sword into the design. Curiously, there appear to be two different prints - one with the sword printed in khaki, and one printed in a medium brown color.

Sudantricolor1.jpg Sudantricolor2.jpg

Camouflage Patterns of the SPLA

  • One of the earliest documented patterns worn specifically by the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) was an Asian-made copy of the Portuguese vertical lizard camouflage, which emerged during the 1990s.


  • Surplus strichtarn pattern camouflage uniforms from East Germany made their way into the supply system of the SPLA and were worn throughout the ranks.


  • woodland-style camouflage pattern appeared in quantity among SPLA combatants around 2005. The shapes of the patterns are in fact not derivative of the US design, but are instead closer to that worn through the 1990s by China, yet having a different color scheme altogether.

Sudan6.jpg Sudan2.jpg

  • The same copy of US-designed six-color "chocolate chip" camouflage worn by the Sudanese government has appeared on rare occasions among the SPLA as well.


  • Some SPLA forces have been documented wearing a contemporary tiger stripe camouflage design, similar to the one seen below. This first appeared circa 2011-2012.



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