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Camouflage Patterns Of Malta
- Jul 10, 2018 -

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Malta became part of the British Empire in the early 19th century, and was an important shipping way-station and fleet headquarters for the British Navy. In 1964, the island nation was granted independence from Britain, although it remains a member of the British Commonwealth. Since 1974, the nation has officially been known as the Republic of Malta (Repubblika ta' Malta). The flag of Malta includes a small depiction of the British George Cross, awarded collectively to the people of Malta after resisting Axis efforts to sieze the island during the Second World War.

The Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) are the combined defense services of this nation, including ground, naval and air elements, with approximately 2000 active duty personnel. Units of the AFM include 1 Regiment (which includes C Company/Special Duties), 3 Regiment (which includes EME, EOD and Combat Engineer units), 4 Regiment (which includes Communications and Training elements), the Air Wing, Maritime Squadron, and the Emergency Volunteer Force.

  • The US m81 woodland camouflage was, until recently, the standard battledress pattern of the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM), the nation's primary infantry and territorial defence unit. In instances when it would be more appropriate, the 1st Regiment has also worn the US tricolor desert pattern. These patterns were very recently (2012) replaced by copies of those worn by Italy.

Usa34.jpg Usa8.jpg

  • Members of C (Special Duties) Company, 1st Regiment, the nation's Quick Reaction Force, have also worn British DPM pattern camouflage.

Uk24.jpg Uk23.jpg

  • Circa 2011-12, the entire AFM adopted copies of the vegetata camouflage designs worn by the Italian Armed Forces. Both the temperate and the desert versions were being fielded by its personnel, but apparently the adoption was short-lived.

Italy12.jpg Italy13.jpg

  • Apparently dissatisfied with the Italian design, the AFM have now adopted a copy of Multicam for general issue. Uniform design still seems to follow the British model, but the pattern is certainly Multicam and not MTP.


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