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Camouflage Of The Brazilian Civil And Military Police
- Jul 31, 2018 -

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The São Paolo State Police Shock Battalion COE (Special Operations Company) have worn several interesting camouflage designs, including a trial pattern never adopted and seen below.


  • Another pattern worn by the São Paolo State Police Shock Battalion COE was a version of the bolinhas design seen here.


  • A variation of the "vertical lizard" design is also worn by the São Paolo State Police Shock Battalion COE (Special Operations Company). The pattern features dark green and olive green vertical stripes on a pale green background.


  • A grey or "urban" variation of the lizard design worn by the Bahia and São Paolo State Police Shock Battalions. The pattern incorporates black and medium grey vertical stripes on light grey background.


  • The "urban" woodland type camouflage design seen below has been worn by some Choque (Shock) Battalions of various State Police organizations.


  • Another "urban" pattern features black, dark grey & greyish-tan blotches on light grey background. This design is worn by the Goias State Police GATE unit, Rio Grande do Sul State special police, and Rio de Janeiro police. The pattern has been documented being worn by Brazilian State Police personnel deployed to East Timor.


  • The pattern below is known as camuflagem digital urbana, and is used by the Força Nacional de Segurança Pública (FNSP - National Public Security Force). It appears there are at least two variants, one of these printed vertically and which may be a mistake.

Brazilpol1.jpg Brazil32.jpg

  • A copy of the US six-color "chocolate chip" desert pattern has been observed on personnel of the Military Police BOPE special operations forces, among others. This design has also been worn by some Caatinga units of the Army.


  • The BOPE also wear a copy of the USMC woodland MARPAT.


  • The TIGRE unit of the Parana State Civil Police has been documented wearing a commercial tiger stripe camouflage pattern, virtually identical to that seen here.


  • Circa 2012-13 the Coordenação de Aviação Operacional (CAOP) or Coordinating Aviation Operations Unit of the Polícia Federal adopted the arid version of commercial A-TACS for many of its personnel. The unit provides airport, border and maritime security, as well as anti-narcotics, anti-smuggling and other duties.


  • Special Environmental Police units, the Policia Militar Ambiental, are attached to the major jurisdictional commands of each State Police agency. Their primary task is to protect wildlife, vegetation and watersheds from degradation due to poaching and other human encroachments. These units wear many different camouflage designs, depending on their jurisdiction. Some of these are illustrated below and can be identified as follows (L to R): Mato Grosso do Sul Wildlife Police, Goias State Wildlife Police, Rio de Janeiro Wildlife Police, and Minas Gerais State Wildlife Police, and Amazon State Wildlife Police.

Brazilambiental.jpg Brazilambiental2.jpg Brazilambiental3.jpg Brazilambiental4.jpg Brazilambiental5.jpg

  • Currently, the Amazon State Wildlife Police wear a pixelated version of the previously-issued lizard camouflage, seen here.


  • The Comando de Operações Táticas (Tactical Operations Command) or COT of the Polícia Federal often wear Multicam pattern when deployed on non-urban operations where tactical camouflage is appropriate.