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Camouflage Clothes Color Effect
- Feb 06, 2018 -

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The camouflage uniforms of the Chinese army are a kind of training suit and there is also a training suit that is monochromatic. 

(Army Green, Navy Blue, Air Force Green Blue, Armed Police For Dark Green)

There is no "war suit" in the formal service of our army and only "training suit." The quality of the camouflage training service of 

the regular channels is very good, but the market is full of all kinds of imitations, fabricated goods and even purchased by 

troops, so it is easy to cause misunderstanding.

Probably this is why some people think there is a better "war suit" than "training suit." But also misunderstood some of the 

fabricated goods for the official outfit, everyone knows, TV shows, military stores and sometimes even seen in the barracks all 

kinds of "new" camouflage is not counting.


The official Chinese military camouflage outfit has the following categories:

Jungle Camouflage (Universal Camouflage) - The most common. Green, brown, black, gray and white, for the summer army 

training suits;

Desert camouflage - the color yellow, used for the army training suits;

Marine Camouflage - blue, black, green grass, white and white, for the Marine Corps;

City camouflage - black, blue, gray, white and white, for airborne;

Plateau desert camouflage - green, brown, black and other spots, is the latest style for Tibet Plateau units in Tibet.

The following two are not officially listed:

Aviation Camouflage - blue, white, brown, etc., for the Air Force;

Desert camouflage - yellowish-white, mostly the same as the "Six-Shard" in the U.S. Gulf war.


Camouflage clothing is a camouflage uniforms that use color patches to fuse the soldier's body to the background.

Ancient military uniforms are often used more eye-catching colors, which can make the military distinctive, easy to identify, and 

use more red. This can cover up the blood to reduce the panic the soldiers are causing.