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- Jan 26, 2018 -

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What prompted the development of the APEX pant?

Security and undercover law enforcement types wanted a low profile pant that still had functional tactical features. It could not 

be rip-stop fabric as this is a dead giveaway for law enforcement/covert operations, so we developed the “Flex-Tac® canvas”. 

These guys also wanted a trimmer fit for a more contemporary look and ease of movement. As well, they wanted the pant to 

allow them to “blend-in” with a crowd.

What features make this pant an innovative piece of gear?

We developed a new smooth version of the “Action Waistband” which is lower-profile and comfortable. It’s like we combined an 

athletic pant with and everyday casual pant. This stretch section of the waistband at both sides of the hip combined with the 

stretch canvas fabric allow wearers to move more freely, and comfortably wear an IWB holster. The pant also has an ergonomic 

fit with articulation at the seat, crotch gusset and knees. Functional features also include the patent-pending flexi-cuff tunnel 

pocket inside the waistband, handcuff key pocket at hem and a hidden pocket inside back of the waistband which can hide a 

handcuff key or kevlar line for cutting.  Inset, low-profile zippered cargo pockets have bellows that expand to the inside to 

reduce the bulky aesthetic that cargo pants can have. Cargo pockets have mag pockets inside to keep them from banging into 

each other. Discreet pockets on the back yoke can hold extra mags. Slash hand pockets have hidden reinforcement at the knife 


How did the design team (or client) envision this pant being used?

We developed Apex so that undercover cops, security, air marshals, and special forces personnel could use it as a work pant to 

look less tactical, but still be able to carry all that they need to do their job. We also envisioned civilians using Apex as an 

everyday pant that would be great for hiking or any other outdoor activities.

What separates this pant from other pants in the line?

Firstly, the fabric of this pant is not Rip-Stop nylon fabric which makes it less tactical looking. The fit is also trimmer than our 

traditional tactical pants for a more contemporary look. Also, there are no flaps, velcro and cell phone pockets on the front of the pant.