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American Lbt-2595g Water Bag Backpack
- Sep 12, 2017 -

LBT Company is the U.S. Navy Seals important tactical equipment suppliers, because the seal commandos in a variety of complex and harsh natural environment to carry out the task, so they have the tactical performance and quality requirements are very strict, and lbt-2595g backpack is in accordance with the SEAL team's operational needs and research and development of products.

Upper Detail

For LBT companies, the demand for seals is their task. As a mature tactical fixture, the design concept of lbt-2595g water bag backpack is both practical and advanced. For example, the overall shape of the backpack slender, the purpose is to prevent seals in the implementation of the vertical drop in the task of hooking up.

The inner water bag of lbt-2595g water bag backpack

lbt-2595g Water Bag Backpack volume of 20 liters, its interior in addition to the loading of water bags, but also can store radio and other communications equipment, in the case of surplus space, can also put some soldiers of daily sundries.

lbt-2595g Water Bag Backpack system

Splav Camouflage Double Shoulder tactical backpack net weight of 1.25 kg, volume of 35 liters. The backpack has both ultra-thin shape and strong and durable, the back of the backpack is designed with resin mesh air channel, good air permeability, carrying up light and comfortable.

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