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511 Things We Saw At SHOT Show
- Jan 22, 2018 -

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Yeah right, imagine that, a list of 511 things we liked at SHOT Show. Instead of spending 3 months on recapping our 500 and 11 best picks we’ll just give you a quick list of things that got us excited.

Also, to keep our CO happy we’ll throw in some 5.11 items that we were excited to see in person. It’s not every day we are allowed to leave the bunker, but we can always count on SHOT Show to be one of the times the boss man opens the blast doors and sets us loose. While most of our training involves keyboard maneuvers and breaching social media windows, we do love us some gear and guns. Sit back, put on your multicam kit and hold on. Here’s a few things we liked at this years 2016 Shot Show.

Daniel Defense ISR 300
Daniel Defense showcased their new internally suppressed rifle that features a 9inch cold hammer forged barrel and is fully serviceable. The nice thing we liked about this rifle is that to own one all you need is one stamp as opposed to 2 stamps (SBR and then Can). Comes in 300 Blackout and is built on the DDM4 Platform. We were really drawn to that rail by the way.

Mega Arms SF-MATEN 308
Mega Arms is mainly known for their parts but now they are introducing a full build in .308. It will be available in 16 inch and 18 inch barrel lengths. Mega Arms claims the weight to be 7.2 lbs and when you look at it, it looks like an AR15 on the surface (minus the mag well size). CNC’ed upper and lower with some really nice details. When handling it we noticed how light it was compared to other .308s on the market. Really impressive craftsmanship.

Kimber K6s
Wheel guns are not dead. Sure, we get swept into the latest and greatest striker fire pistols but wheel guns are still great. Kimber is known for their 1911 but at SHOT they released a hammerless revolver (the hammer is internal) and a match grade trigger. It’s available in .357 and .38 special. Great for concealed carry or as a back up gun. Not to mention it looks stunning in person. They are claiming it has mild recoil which we were wondering if it had that typical wrist cracking sensation one might get from firing a snub nose .357. We added it to our short list of must haves for 2016.

After reviewing our notes we realize there isn’t enough space in this post to cover all the items that had us checking savings accounts and wondering if we could trade a few RUSH packs for ammo or a silencer. Ok, now let’s look at what 5.11 items got us excited. Sure we work here, but we usually don’t get to see all the new items until SHOT.

VTAC Operator Axe
Kyle Lamb consults on a few items in the 5.11 catalog and most of those that bear his brand, Viking Tactics or VTAC. Kyle based the design off an axe he had used while in combat. Of course he added other “nice to haves” based on his use and experience. The Operator Axe has an extended beard (which is an increased surface area) and at the end is a pry bar with a metal sheet cutter. This thing has so many features, it’s the ultimate do-it-all axe. Check the video below for more info.


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