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511 News Of Zero Back Pain With Zero-G Plate
- Dec 28, 2017 -

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The true developers of our products are the professional end-users. Our product design and development team takes their 

feedback seriously, and user input is an essential part of our product development process.

A few weeks ago, we received an email from a police officer in the UK, who had suffered from intense back pains at work for 

many years. He wrote to tell us how the Zero G plates and their weight distribution system have allowed him come home from a 

12-hour duty shift pain free.

“I have had a few problems with my back over the years, and on visiting an osteopath, it appears that my problems all stem from 

deferred pain from my hips. 


This pain was, it appears, due to the pressure placed onto my hips by my equipment belt which as you will know, holds a lot of 

heavy equipment. The Zero G carbon fibre plates have eased a lot of the pressure by dispersing it over a wider area. This is 

also helped by the contoured shaping of the plates which replicates the shape of the hip / waist area. 

I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know as I’m guessing this was the whole point of the invention, however, I 

have tried two different back support / protectors in the past and none of them have ever really come up to scratch due to their 

bulky but flimsy design. The strong but light material the 5.11 plates are made of makes you forget at times that they are even 

there. The only time I was reminded that I was wearing them was at the end of each day when I realised that I had suffered no 

back pain during my 12 hour shift.”

The Zero G Plates can be used in conjunction with the new Sierra Bravo Duty Belt. In addition, there are a variety of utility 

pouches that complement these two items.


The Sierra Bravo Belt kit is constructed from ultra-strong 1680D nylon fabric and has a waterproof treatment that protects 

against rain and moisture, ensuring all-weather reliability. It integrates with MOLLE web gear and the range of Sierra Bravo 

Pouches. The belt kit is made up of the belt, an inner belt (which attaches to the outer belt with Hook and loop to keep it secure) 

and 4 individual Belt keepers.

The Range of Pouches include Baton, Radio, Spray, Cuff, Torch holder, Double Pistol and Latex Glove Pouch all made in the 

1680D Nylon for abrasion resistance.

In combination with our Zero G Plates, the tough and adaptable Sierra Bravo Duty Belt Kit is the perfect kit. With its improved 

ergonomics, it offers an extremely comfortable set up in the most demanding operations.