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What are the types of tactical vests?
- Sep 12, 2017 -

A tactical vest is one that integrates the equipment needed for most personal combat to facilitate the speedy use of individual equipment in combat. In different combat situations may need to carry the equipment combination is not the same, so we have to choose the tactical vest according to the actual situation. What kinds of tactical vests are there? The following is a Anwar police equipment to explain:

Attack: In action, usually carry large reserve ammunition, grenades (fragments, smoke, shock, flares, etc.), tools (break, drop, blasting, etc.), radio, short tube shotgun, personal emergency supplies, etc., CQB or CT Mission essentials. The above equipment requirements can be easily carried and quickly used in the operation to cope with transient conditions, to achieve the best attack effect. This type of tactical vest is also the majority of the survival of the game to use the most common tactical vest, and generally distinguish between military and police use of two major categories.

Sniper: A general police or military secret Service sniper, sometimes carrying out long-range sniper missions, such as the two snipers described in the fire fighter's film. Need to carry a certain amount of ammunition (the possibility of the enemy), record books, long-distance video cameras (for surveillance and videos), Video communications equipment (can be recorded video to the command post), dry food, water, first aid supplies. In addition, special forces carrying out long-range reconnaissance missions also carry small GPS, satellite communications equipment and other specialized equipment.

Medical care: In the course of carrying out the task, the general medical staff will not be able to effectively save the injury immediately, the team needs one or more members who have received emergency medical training. To provide immediate medical care for the injured and stabilize the injured until the general medical staff can carry out proper first aid. The items carried are mainly weapons, equipment and a large number of first-aid supplies for individuals to perform their duties.

Town Storm: The special ammunition needed for town violence is usually larger than the caliber of a general munition, such as tear gas, used to disperse the massed mob. There is also a need to carry fire extinguishers to prevent petrol bombs attack, tape or harness, handcuffs replacement. Some of these items are used by the Secret Service units in real operations and are less likely to use in survival games.

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