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What about military combat assault vest
- Nov 13, 2017 -

Combat Assault Vest refers to some soldiers wear on the outside, used to increase the carrying capacity of a variety of 

ammunition equipment, selection of high-quality military regulations nylon webbing, with wear-resistant, lightweight and so 

on. This Tactical Assault Vest Can be worn outside the body armor without blocking the body armor, radio, or umbrella bag.

Is widely used by Special Forces equipment, it should be noted that the tactical vest does not have bullet-proof features. 

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Which is the feather of Combat Vest.Modular structure, can be combined with existing weapons, ammunition and 

communications equipment, and can easily replace the module freely; wearing vests does not affect the helmet, bullet-proof 

vests, personal weapons and use of hands and other standard personal actions, including shooting; Available around the 

existing clothing with the need to increase the size, including gloves; Wear all types of military gloves to wear off the vest; 

Tactical vest to be without any assistance, the wearer can be easily combined within 30 seconds, Wearing, and adjusted to 

fit; combined vest repeat wear, with minimal re-alignment and adjustment; water release time shall not exceed 15 seconds; 

tactical vest in the continuous life of 5 years, intermittent storage of its function Life expectancy should be 10 years; tactical 

vest to pass the friction test; can quickly adjust the vest size, does not affect the bullet-proof vest, tactical saddle and 

umbrella wearing and activities; for steam locomotives, aircraft, ships and combat vehicles combat operations.


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