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The tactical vest will help when it's critical.
- Sep 12, 2017 -

The Navy Seals have performed too many tasks in Afghanistan during their service, because the local fighting environment is extremely hot, and the large amount of sweat accumulated on the chest, back and waist during the carrying of the kit and the tactical vest is difficult to discharge, and the protection of the shoulder elbow position of the common suction row tops is insufficient.

According to a study, when the load increases by 10% of the weight, the heart rate increases $number times per minute and the respiration rate is $number times quieter. Obviously, overloading will adversely affect combat.

Coupled with the heavy exercise of soldiers on the battlefield led to a lot of sweating. According to the experiment, soldiers in the field training in the summer, sweating as much as 1000 ml $number ml per hour. Such a large amount of water, if not timely distribution to the surrounding air, the body around the humidity will be greatly increased, very detrimental to health. In addition, the sweat also has sodium chloride and a small amount of urea, lactic acid, glucose and trace carbonated body. These substances have a sour odor, such as a large number of remaining in the skin or underwear, will stimulate the skin, increase the chance of infection, dermatitis, visible, if not in time to the surface of the skin perspiration, not only affect health, but also lead to discomfort.

In order to solve this problem, seals have played a DIY ability, the old BDU upper body and suction the bottom of the underwear sewn together. The main function of a frog in military service is to reduce the soldier's load, easy to travel light, but also for the combatants to provide good protection to improve their survival probability on the battlefield, but also good to improve the combat effectiveness of soldiers, began to be accepted by other special forces, including the Chinese special forces.

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