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The Military Backpack ALICE Pack And Military Backpack MOLLE Pack
- Nov 07, 2017 -

Alright, now right off the bat, the mole to your following is a joke.  That’s because “MOLLE” is pronounced like the name “Molly”, but it always just kind of looked like “Molle” to me – so I made a graphic in it’s honor!  Actually, “ALICE” doesn’t refer to a character in a fiction movie either.  “MOLLE” and “ALICE” are both acronyms – the military loves acronyms, and in this article, we’re going to look at the contrast of ALICE with MOLLE.


Military style backpacks are experiencing a resurgence in popularity among civilians. The two popular bags are the ALICE and MOLLE backpack. In this article a brief description of each will be given along with the advantages and weakness of each. A short summary of the differences between the two styles with a few ideas on how to best use each pack.


The main differences between the ALICE pack and MOLLE backpack?

The biggest difference between the two styles of packs is the manner of storing gear. In the ALICE pack, gear is carried in one large compartment, with smaller gear going into the side pockets. The MOLLE uses a series of small pouches for most of the gear. Another difference is access to the gear. The ALICE uses a strap system for enclosing the gear, while the MOLLE has zippers on the compartments.


How to choose which of military packs would be best for everyone? 

Both the ALICE and MOLLE are fine examples of military backpacks but  if I had to break it down a bit, I would say the ALICE pack is good for the adventurer, hunter and survivalist. Built with rugged materials designed to withstand the rigors of extreme conditions. The large storage compartment is great for hauling bulky equipment. People who demand the most from their equipment will appreciate the toughness of this bag.  The MOLLE on the other hand, will be loved by hikers and campers alike who will most enjoy the light weight of the pack. The streamlined design is good for most hikers, especially for short trips.  A hydration pouch means the hiker will not have to carry an extra water bottle and the straps allow the user to add small items without adding much to the bulk.  One of our favorite hiking packs is the 5.11 Rush 24. Please visit http://www.aplce.com/ for more reference.


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