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The function of the tactical vest
- Sep 12, 2017 -

Modular structure can be combined with existing weapons, ammunition and communications equipment, and can easily replace the module; Wearing a vest does not affect the helmet, bulletproof vest, personal weapons use and include both hands and other standard individual action, shooting, etc., can be worn with the existing surrounding clothing and need to enlarge the size.

including gloves; wear the vest when wearing all types of military gloves; tactical vest with no other assistance, the wearer can easily combine, dress, and adjust to a fit state within 30 seconds; The combined vest is fitted with a minimum of alignment and adjustment when repeated wear; no longer than 15 seconds from the water. The tactical vest has a continuous service life of 5 years, the function life of the intermittent storage period should be 10 years; the tactical vest needs to pass the abrasion-proof rub test, can adjust the vest size quickly, does not affect the bulletproof vest, the tactical saddle and the harness's attire and the activity, suits the steam locomotive, the airplane, the ship ships and the combat vehicle operation.

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