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The construction of Plce
- Sep 12, 2017 -

The PLCE system is equipped with a double layer 1000D cordura® waterproof adhesive nylon, which causes very bad cleaning, and there are many accessories, plastic buckle and metal ring.

The closure of the package is a kind of "Spanish buckle" (Spanish Tabs) control, which is faster and safer, although the speed of the lock envelope is not fast. There is also a mute nylon sticky clasp on the package, which ensures that the closure is still available without the outside clasp. The buckle of the package has two forms, the quick switch safety switch.

A standard cartridge is packed with two small packs of ammunition, and a single packet of ammunition is used when additional ammunition is needed. The two packets on the ammo bag were meant to be in the clip, then in the small package inside the compartment, to prevent the cartridge all together to create a sound, 90 of the ammunition package side packet can be installed two cartridges, and 95 of the ammunition, a small bag can be installed 3 cartridges. But some soldiers realize that this compartment is inconvenient to put in and take out the clip, so their own to remove the compartment, so that 90 equipment can be equipped with 12 cartridges, the latest 95 system, on the cancellation of the interlayer. Each packet can hold 3 cartridges and no metal friction sound, mainly only 8 of the magazine is unable to complete the military mission and fighting against the enemy.

The IRR release infrared coating is applied to all the cloth surfaces, reducing the risk of exposing targets at night by infrared light.

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