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Personal individual equipment
- Feb 08, 2018 -

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Personal manned equipment, including combat equipment and life equipment, combat equipment usually have the following 

personal configuration: a bullet-proof helmet, a tactical flashlight, a pair of goggles, a pair of goggles, a bullet-proof 

protective neck, armor Type hem-type body armor type, armor type hem bullet-proof jumpsuit, armor protection module set 

Multi-group, suspenders type Armor Hem-type multi-stack with a modular armor pants, a bullet-proof pants ankle, tactical A 

group of elbow pads, a group of tactical knee pads, a set of multi-functional modular individual soldier's tactical vest, a set of 

multi-functional modular individual soldier tactical trousers, a multifunctional military modular single soldier tactical belt, and 

military single soldier tactical leather belt A multi-functional modular tactical carrying a set of vehicles, multi-purpose 

tactical single-soldier military and modular pistol cartridge a set of multi-functional military and tactical semi-automatic pistol 

sets and a clip, a compass , A soldier-type hand-held combat radio, a ninety-five automatic long assault rifles, a ninety-five 

automatic short assault rifles, zero three automatic assault rifles, Five-type Microphone Automatic Assault Rifle, a domestic 

high-precision sniper rifle, one eighty-eight sniper rifle, a zero sniper rifle, a zero nine sniper rifle, a ninety-five light general-

purpose machine gun , CQ seventy-two millimeter light general-purpose machine gun one, eighty-eight light general-

purpose machine gun one, CQ seventy-two millimeter heavy general-purpose machine gun one, eighty-eight type heavy 

general purpose machine gun one, 89 type heavy general purpose machine gun one, Five automatic rifle magazines, five 

sniper rifle magazines, five general-purpose machine-gun magazines, five general-purpose machine guns for ammunition, 

and one nine-two fully automated attacking long-handled barrel pistol. A long pistol tube pistol, a zero seven automatic 

offensive short barrel tube pistol, a standard equipped with automatic offensive long barrel pistol cartridge twenty-one, fully 

equipped with automatic attack short barrel pistol Twenty-one magazine, ninety-five bayonet, a pair of military daggers, a 

debris package, a life package, a gas mask, a polymer bottle, a escape rope, a night-vision detection telescope, Pack a 

patrol operation, bulletproof combat boots, a pair of wrist charts a folder. Life class equipment is usually the following 

configuration: marching large travel rucksack, marching medium travel rucksack, marching small travel rucksack, marching 

large travel handle bag, marching medium travel handle bag, marching small travel hand Wanbao and so on.

PS: (1) Fully Automatic Offensive Pistol Choose one of ninety-two and zero-six and each must be armed with two pistols. (2) 

The rifles and machine guns mentioned above can be combined and matched according to their own fighting positions; for 

example, a rifle hand can be used with a ninety-two type automatic assault rifle and eighty-eight type sniper rifles, or a zero-

three type automatic assault rifle And zero-five-tone automatic assault rifle combination. Machine gunners can choose to 

use eighty-nine heavy-duty general-purpose machine gun with ninety-five light universal machine gun combination, you can 

also choose eighty-eight heavy machine gun with eighty-nine heavy general-purpose machine guns and other rifle 



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