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Personal Defense Individual Self Defense Weapon
- Feb 26, 2018 -

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The concept of a Personal Defense Individual Self Defense Weapon (PDW) was first proposed at the 1986 

Annual Conference organized by the United States Warfighting Association. After that, the Fort Benin Infantry 

School in the United States Formally put forward the idea of developing PDW, which aims to replace pistols, 

submachine guns and short assault rifles. According to the plan, the PDW is equipped with pilots, operators, 

command staff, armored soldiers, engineers, radios, pilots, support staff, maintenance personnel, etc. Although 

not a front-line infantryman, they account for more than half the total number of troops. They rarely have time to 

improve their personal shooting skills. Most of their self-defense weapons, pistols and submachine guns, launch 

9mm Para guns, which can not effectively deal with wearing Body armor of the bodyguards. Therefore, the 

requirements of the PDW should be lightweight, easy to carry, easy to aim and operate, can effectively deal with 

body armor. On April 16, 1989, AC225 document issued by NATO made it clear that NATO troops are required to 

equip such weapons. In 1986, FN developed the PDW system at an unusually rapid rate, when designers at FN 

realized that pistols and submachine guns were hit-to-miss if not rigorously trained, while short assault rifles with 

folded rifles were still partial Big emphasis, automatic recoil when shooting is not good control, it must develop a 

new kind of weapon. The new gun, named the P90, was first shotgun in October 1987. In 1988, FN produced four 

sample guns, each firing 15,000 rounds of projectile, with no major parts broken phenomenon. P90 formally put 

into operation in 1992, FN P90 became the world's first single self-defense weapon.


Then PDW weapons in the 21st century since then have been in a semi-permanent and increasingly impure 

position Rifle rifles fired from rifle cartridges and submachine guns using conventional large-caliber pistols also 

claim to be PDW weapons. What is even worse is that such weapons should be used by second-tier military 

personnel who are not good at infantry and from the current conditions of use Judging from the fact that the most 

frequently used special units of the most capable men in the army are the most used, the Short Assault Rifles for 

these second-generation soldiers are more like PDW weapons for them because they are used in the training of 

their recruits Standard rifle operation is the same, and the power and range is still stronger and farther.PDW is 

gradually foaming.


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