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Modular lightweight Load-carrying equipment (MOLLE)
- Dec 05, 2017 -

The MOLLE system, which is based on the Integrated Personal Combat System (IIFS), makes it possible to adjust the position of the kit according to the needs of the user. At the heart of the early MOLLE system was the Load Vest (LBV), which combines the belt with the new load package into a single platform.



The typical vehicle layout for the M249 machine gunner is shown in Figure B1. They include a grenade bag attached to the left side of the LBV and a range of items attached to the universal belt - from left to right, a 200-pouch case with an M249 machine gun and a " Kettle case in ALICE, a MOLLE hip bag with a personal first aid kit, a second kettle bag and a 100-pouch case with an M249 machine gun (or a versatile multi-purpose bag) . Early MOLLE systems did not include new kettle kits or upgraded first aid kits, so the above items in the ALICE system were retained until replaced by newly developed products. The connector between the two (Fig. B2) was developed due to the fact that the ALICE system's magazine design was not compatible with the MOLLE system's kit securing system. The extra MOLLE bag can be used to carry a 15-shot cartridge (Figure B3) with a 9mm caliber pistol and one or two 30-cartridge magazines (Figures B4 and B5) for the M16 rifle. The 3-liter "Storm" personal drinking water system (Figure B6) is used as a supplement to two kettles.


Early LBVs could be attached to the MOLLE Multifunction Belt (shown in Figure B1) for light combat load sequences or to a molded belt (Figure B7) when using the main backpack. The molded waistband with a connector design attaches to the corresponding "probe" on the backpack frame, which in theory can make the backpack safer and remove the backpack more quickly. This design was abandoned in the MOLLE II system as the backpack eased easily under the reaction force of the connector socket. As a result, the molded belt is always attached to the backpack frame, while the new version of the carrier vest is integrated with the LBV and versatile belt.


The MOLLE backpack system includes a main bag and "sleep system carrying equipment" located on the backpack frame; a patrol bag for short-range tasks; and two support bags for extra capacity. The support bag is often attached to one side of the main bag and is also used with the patrol bag. A range of configurations provided by the backpack system made it possible to accommodate different loads. The full-load backpack load (Figure B8) consists of the main bag on both sides of the plastic frame located above the "sleep system carrying gear", a fixed support bag on each side of the main bag and a " Patrol package. If the multi-purpose belt with LBV and the backpack frame and molded belt tied together, the hip bag will also be used at the same time; it is usually located in the multi-functional waistband pressure in the "sleeping system carrying equipment" below.


The backpack system also includes a rucksack (Figure B10) for an additional six M16 rifle magazines and a SINCGARS (Single Channel Ground Source Radio System) package for use by station operators (Figure B9), which typically Fixed inside the main backpack, but can also be carried separately with a versatile functional strap. The final component of the system is a pair of 6-foot lashing straps (Figure B11) for securing extra loads. The bulk of the backpack system in the MOLLE II system remains intact, with the exception that the new patrol package (Figure B12) has an improved appearance, including an increase of 25% in volume.

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