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How About The Military Backpack MOLLE Pack
- Nov 02, 2017 -

MOLLE (pronounced like the name “Molly”) packs (modular lightweight load-carrying equipment) is the current rucksack for most military units.  Implemented in 1997, this is a totally fresh and rethought design and it’s kicking ass out there!  With the MOLLE system, gear attachment is made simple, fast and easy – in fact, this was one of the main driving ideas behind the design. The main components of a MOLLE pack are: the tactical assault panel, the rucksack, a hydration bladder and numerous modular pouches. 


What is advantage of the Military Backpack MOLLE Pack?

The benefits of the MOLLE setup are many in number. First, the interior of a MOLLE pack has several locking pouches for securely transporting small items. A hydration pouch(sort of like the CamelBack stuff) is included in most packs – thus eliminating the need for a canteen. The strap system allows for individuals to customize the pack for carrying the gear they need. Access to gear is simple and quick – because you can attach your gear in so many ways, nothing is out of reach.  On the large models, there is an internal sleep system carrier which has a zipper for easy access.


What is weakness of the Military Backpack MOLLE Pack?

While there is little room to complain, nothing is perfect and the MOLLE setup isn’t any different.  My main gripe is the Velcro on these packs tends to be a bit noisy – what Velcro isn’t?  The easy addition of components can lead to taking too much gear along in which case you almost become a pack-rat, which to be fair, is merely proof that you’re spoiled(in a military way). Also, external pockets may get in the way when hiking through thick brush. Early models of the MOLLE had plastic frames that were subject to breakage but luckily, that’s since been resolved. Most of these packs are not waterproof either which isn’t a deal breaker but hey, when you compare all the ups of MOLLE to the downs of ALICE, who’s complaining?



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