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How About The Military Backpack ALICE Pack
- Oct 31, 2017 -

Military style backpacks are experiencing a resurgence in popularity among civilians. The one of most popular army bag is the Military Backpack ALICE Pack. In this article a brief description of each will be given along with the benefits and disadvantages of each.

What is Military Backpack ALICE Pack?

ALICE (all-purpose lightweight individual carrying equipment) is an equipment attachment system and accessory set officially adopted by the military in 1973. The Military Backpack ALICE Pack has been phased out of military service, but some units still prefer to use this style today. ALICE packs were designed as a two component system.  First, the belt system, with entrenching carrier, two small cases, canteen cover and suspenders. Second, the elements comprising the bag itself which include the cover, bag and frame.


What’s advantage of the ALICE? 

One of the main advantages of the Military ALICE Pack setup is its ruggedness. This pack is capable of carrying large loads and have the added benefit of being moisture resistant. There are no zippers to break, allowing for some serious gear stuffing.  I happen to know from experience that a US Marine can pack ALL necessary field gear into one of these puppies.  ALICE packs can be used with or without a frame but the external frame definitely helps balance the load – otherwise, these packs get pretty center-fat.


What’s weakness of the ALICE?

The pack can be uncomfortable especially with heavy loads and some of the straps for lashing gear to the bag get in the way. The old style of metal strap adjustments make closing the compartments a bit tedious. There is no easy access pockets for things like water bottles although with the external frame, you can rig something up pretty easily.


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