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Clothing and equipment for cold climates
- Dec 13, 2017 -

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Specified precision shooter, Afghanistan, 2011

The Marine, patrolling the mountain, is wearing a fully functional environmental clothing system (APECS) that is fitted with a 

removable armored carry-on and POG, initially acquired by the British Defense Ministry, so it presents a mixed terrain 

version of the British Camouflage color. The designated precision shooter also owns a pair of sturdy all-terrain boots and a 

U.S. Army Advanced Combat Helmet, which is outfitted to address the shortage of standard Marines lightweight helmets. 

The front pocket of the chest carrier in FILBE is equipped with an Mk67 fragment grenade and a "multipurpose universal 

tool." His weapon is the Mk12 Type 1 SPR Rifle with Silencer, one of many new rifles developed for the designated precision 

shooter; this gun is fitted with a standard TS-30A2 telescopic sight and AN / PEQ-16A type of target indicator. The rifle 

cartridge chose the commercial version made of polymer composite material.


H2: Reserve Marines, Division 2, Battalion 25, Battle of Griffin, Norway, 2005


During the multi-country winter combat drills in Norway, the reservist was dragging a loaded sled along the march. Note that 

the M16 rifle is equipped with an air-bag connector on the muzzle. He wore a second-generation ECWCS (Extended Cold 

Weather Garment System) suit and interceptor outer tactical vest (OTV) under his white jacket, and he was also equipped 

with a Modular Lightweight Load Cell (MOLLE). His snow shoes are made of lightweight metal tubing and PVC plastic, and 

the cleats above add traction. The carrier sled is part of the Marine Corps' cold climate infantry equipment and is designed 

to be used by 4-man fire groups.


H3: Team Leader, Division 25, Division 2, Norway, 2005


The fire team leader opted to wear the body armor and vest on his white coat with improved camouflage. Very prominent 

under the backpack connected to the sleeping mat - this is very important for camping on frozen land.


H4: Automatic Rifleman, 2nd Division 25th Battalion, "Cold Reflections" Exercises, Norway, 2010


The man wearing the MARPAT snow camouflage outside the APECS cold weather uniform has a new fire-resistant glove 

lining. Snow version of MARPAT includes a backpack (not shown), but does not include a helmet cover, because the old 

white helmet cover has been used. He carries an ILBE (Improved Load System) backpack with a side-strapped sleeping 

bag. Despite the heavy logistical supply of the Marine Corps during this period, the Marines' reserve force still received 

quite a bit of new equipment, in part because of its active role in the Marine Corps's global mission. Although the reserve 

service's interceptor outer tactical vest (OTV) was not used on subsequent battlefields, the rest of his ILBE (Advanced Load 

System) remains typical of all full-time infantry units in Afghanistan. Expedition Crocodile's Mountain Leggings match his 

Type 2 "Barney Rabbit" boots and lightweight modular snowmobile; the latter uses a modular plastic construction (only the 

cleats are made of steel) and is fully integrated with the previous design The opposite pivot screw binding technique. He 

used the M249 class with automatic weapons M16 rifles used to install the air-bag connector, although not the ideal choice, 

but it is widely used. The new M240 / M249 heat-resistant spare cartridge (Fig. H5) replaces the older vinyl products that 

are easily damaged by heat exchange with the barrel.


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