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American Marine Corps infantry combat clothing and equipment
- Dec 04, 2017 -

Enter the 21st century, the United States Marine Corps has a variety of carrier and equipment styles. The Modular Light Load Equipment (MOLLE) system has recently begun to become widely used, but it has not completely replaced its predecessor, ALICE and IIFS. ALICE and IIFS were used by infantry units until 2001, after which they were used for boot camp training in addition to their continued use by logistic units.


A1: Major, Marine Corps Operations Center, early 2000


The officer, who participated in a multi-service joint drill in a training area near Twentynine Palms in California, was wearing a standard three-color desert camouflage multi-purpose uniform, two years ago replacing 6 colors of "chocolate chip "Camouflage. His IIFS vehicle equipment confirms the traditional model of hanging belt on the belt (represented by the ALICE system) allowing for a new model of more uniform weight distribution over the torso and space for additional equipment A fact. The officer's weapon is Beletta M9 pistol.


A2: Machine Gunner, 3rd Marine Corps Infantry Regiment, February 2001


Uniforms and equipment feature the late 20th century: camouflage versatile uniforms in the woodland, bullet-proof vests and helmets in PASGT, and ALICE-type carrier gear. What is striking in the picture is the night-vision goggles that are fixed on helmets - with the help of increasingly viable technologies, night maneuvering has become a new feature in US tactical doctrine. Machine gunner's weapon is the M240 medium machine gun (gun barrel fixed empty cartridges connector) and M9 pistol.


A3: Hospital paramedics, tandem thrust exercises, Australia, 2001


The concept of component load used in IIFS systems continues to be applied to the next generation of modular lightweight vehicle equipment. The MOLLE Load Vest (LBV) features the early versions of the two interchangeable belts outfitted and the late one integrated with the MOLLE II Combat Load. MOLLE systems come in a variety of configurations, each one optimized for different operational roles. These configurations correspond to riflemen, riflemen equipped with the M249 automatic rifle, grenaders and persons allowed to carry pistols. A medical pack plus a number of detachable packs of eight is specially prepared for medical personnel. The charted paramedic is checking his medical bag.

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