Military Alice Tactical Yoke Belt Duty Belt

Military Multicam Alice Tactical Yoke Belt Cordura is a classic army Yoke belt modern from The United States. The Snugpak Yoke attaches to the side pockets of the Rocket Pak and the Bergen Pack to allow the user to create a small and versatile daypack. This creates a great system and can be easily stowed and packed in the Rocket Pak or Bergen Pack with all your other gear and deployed when needed. When the two side packets are attached you have a small and agile daypack.

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Product Details

Military Alice Tactical Yoke Belt duty belt which is made by great high density 600D Polyester material. Rugged webbing and Composte buckle. And the duty belt is widely used in Vietam. Padded yoke-style suspenders with 5.5cm high density polypropylene fiber webbing for added comfort, The top bottom of the Yoke should be tied to the belt also easy to open.The great pad yoke belt firm enough and reduce the pressure on the army soldiers tactical belt.

Materials & Specification:

Material: 600D High density Polyester with 2 Layers PU coating

Buckle: Composte buckle

Color: Olive Green

Size: 35cm*7cm

Weight: 245g

Packaging Details: PP bag each piece with carton











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